Nakae and Associates, Inc. has a long history of very successful design/build projects. From 1984 to the present, projects have included large residential estates, freeway landscaping and irrigation, revegetation, and farming, with contracts up to $20,000,000. The unique and beneficial aspect of these projects is that owners, contractors, consultants and designers have an opportunity for input throughout the life of the project, working closely to achieve the desired goals. During the various stages of the design process, design constructability reviews are performed to determine the cost of the project, assessing cost saving alternatives and possible changes necessary to keep the project within budget while maintaining the design concept and intent.

Two examples of design/build projects are: a design/build native restoration project for an offshore oil staging, storage facility in Las Flores Canyon, California, and a design/build toll road, San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor, in Orange County, California. The latter project created 600 acres of revegetation, including 158 acres of Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat and 25 acres of wetland and saltwater marsh, and received a Federal Highway Administration Award for Environmental Excellence.

Nakae's projects have involved more than 1,300 acres of design/build installation at a cost of $44,000,000. Many of the projects have stringent time restrictions with liquidated damages of up to $250,000 per day if the project is not completed on time. Nakae and Associates, Inc. has never been assessed any liquidated damages during its entire history.


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