Nakae and Associates, Inc. has a twenty year history of native habitat creation and restoration. During these years the company has worked with biologists and industry experts and, through trial and error, has developed very successful and effective methods for creating these habitats.

Working with biologists on test plots and conducting experiments on techniques and methods of installation have allowed Nakae and Associates, Inc. to develop cutting edge technology resulting in more cost effective procedures. Beneficial fungi have been studied to determine their usefulness. Special controlled release fertilizers and biological fungicides have been developed allowing plants to become better established while controlling harmful fungicides that could damage native plants, especially during hot humid summers.

Plant salvage has become popular in situations where established stands of native plants must be destroyed for development. Nakae has been involved in projects where large quantities of plants have been salvaged. The company has also collected vegetative growth in the form of duff, stripped it from the soil surface and redistributed topsoil and duff at new locations.

The projects of Nakae and Associates, Inc. have always met or exceeded the performance standards of the governing authority and have always been delivered on time. The company has never been assessed liquidated damages on any project and has been granted early buy off due to performance criteria being met ahead of schedule.

The quantity of habitat Nakae and Associates, Inc. has completed or has under contract is:

Costal Sage Scrub
715 acres
113 acres
Oak Woodland
48 acres
540 acres
15 acres
400 acres
Exotic Weed Management
5,028 acres
Maintenance only
510 acres
7,369 acres


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