Over the years Nakae and Associates, Inc. has continued to be involved with farm-associated projects. Nakae's design/build projects include wells, storage tanks, ponds, filtration systems, fertilization injection systems, booster pumps, central controlled watering systems with flow meters, pump starts, backflow, flow management, pressure and heat sensors. Nakae has incorporated above and below ground drip systems, overhead and buried sprinkler systems.

A recent project involved a proposed 3800-acre mining operation. For project approval 350 acres had to be converted to crops. Because of a lack of topsoil and hardpan, the land was only suitable for pasture. The soil needed to be ripped to a depth of seven feet and amended with lime to balance the PH. Bare root plum trees were planted and mycorrhizal fungi were added to the planting backfill. Water was pumped from an irrigation canal through a sand separator filtration system and distributed to the trees by micro jet sprinklers through an automatic controller. Fertilizers were applied through an injection system. The project continues to be monitored and is now capable of producing 500 boxes of fruit per acre.



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