Established in 1984 by Russell and Patricia Nakae and incorporated in 1985,
Nakae and Associates, Inc. is a licensed landscape/general engineering contractor, focusing on freeways, public works and design/build projects in California, Utah and Arizona.

Having been raised on the family farm near Sacramento, Russ Nakae maintains that many of the techniques used today go back to the basic principles of farming. The flexibility and innovation necessary for successful farming have influenced his approach to the complex projects currently undertaken by the company.

In the early days Nakae and Associates, Inc. worked on many large custom estates. Today projects are primarily major public works and highways which
frequently include various types of revegetation and design/ build components. Our large-scale native habitat plantings and reclamation projects have restored vast
acreage that would otherwise be unusable due to mining, highway construction or
other construction projects.

We have undertaken farming projects, built wetlands and saltwater marshes, created and maintained extensive native habitats, designed and built restoration and irrigation projects, and undertaken long term maintenance programs, erosion control and weed management. Our projects are consistently highly successful, meeting special criteria required by various governing agencies and clients while meeting or surpassing strict performance standards

Each project is a collaborative partnership between the client and Nakae with real time communication for all concerned parties regarding project goals, timetables, production expectations, budgeting and any special circumstances that might arise. A Comprehensive Project Folder is used for all members of the project management team so resources and activities can be adjusted to respond quickly to the project's and the client's needs. Ongoing consultation with the client to fine tune and evaluate is mandatory. Project and safety meetings are conducted weekly. Nakae and Associates, Inc. prefers to include a maintenance clause in each project to insure ongoing integrity of the project.

Knowledge and creativity distinguish Nakae and Associates, Inc. Owners, biologists and contractors work together, attuned to the uniqueness of each project. The company has vast in-house resources and all personnel have in-depth knowledge in revegetation, restoration and mitigation projects.

Owning its own equipment gives Nakae and Associates, Inc. superior flexibility and project efficiency, producing time and cost savings for the client. Russ Nakae has a keen interest in equipment design and, over the years, has designed and built considerable amounts of specialized equipment to address particular project problems , allowing a job to be completed in a timelier, more cost effective manner that produces superior results.

With Nakae's design/build turnkey projects, the company is solely responsible for every aspect of the operation from start to finish. Numerous longstanding Nakae clients attest to the outstanding performance of Nakae and Associates, Inc. and its willingness to consistently go the extra mile to satisfy the client.

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