During weed growing season, Nakae and Associates, Inc. contracts to spray open space projects throughout Southern California, spraying several thousand acres during a growing season. Nakae's sprayers are mounted on one-ton trucks, four-wheel drive trucks, all terrain vehicles and steel track dozers. In areas where water is not accessible, Nakae's 2500-gallon water trucks transport water to the work location. They are capable of spraying selective herbicides for targeted weeds or broad-spectrum herbicides where needed.

Nakae's weed mowers can handle most conditions. Nakae's equipment can cover large spaces and can mow slopes up to a 2:1 gradient. Specifically designed equipment can windrow and pick up excess vegetation, vacuuming unwanted weed seed where necessary. Parabolic rippers can rip the ground to a depth of 24 inches if cultivation is desired. Rototilling or disking can be done and the steel track dozers have dual slope boards that can clear a 16-foot path. Nakae and Associates, Inc. owns its own dumpsters and roll off trucks, minimizing hauling cost for our clients.








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