Irrigation is the key component in plant establishment and maintenance. Native habitats can only be established with an initial irrigation phase to encourage healthy and deep root growth. Once the roots have reached the desired depth so that the planting is firmly established, the irrigation system can be removed. Nakae and Associates, Inc. designs and installs these temporary systems to simulate rain, allowing for root development and training. Mindful of water conservation, Nakae and Associates, Inc. has staff water auditors to evaluate water usage and consumption. By training plants during establishment and adjusting watering times and duration according to plant needs, plants develop faster with less dependency on supplemental water, thus reducing long-term water cost.

Nakae has the equipment to install all-terrain irrigation systems from farms to manufactured slopes along highways. One toll road project required laying 7 miles of aluminum piping to bring in water for irrigation.

Nakae and Associates, Inc. has been designing and installing central control irrigation systems with flow meters, pump starts, backflow, flow management, and pressure and heat sensors since 1985. Watering times are adjusted daily according to the evaporation and transpiration rate of the plant. By being able to reduce water consumption up to 40%, there is significant reduction in annual water usage and cost. Every summer Nakae and Associates, Inc. retrofits schools with new irrigation systems, computer controlled clocks and sodded turf. They are capable of doing over 1,000,000 square feet of retrofitting during each summer break.

Erosion control methods vary and are determined by site conditions, BMP (Best Management Practice) requirements, and whether control is to be temporary or permanent. Nakae and Associates, Inc. uses the following methods of erosion control:

Chain link
Wattles, Straw and Cocoanut
Silt fence
Hay bales
Erosion blankets
Bonded fiber matrix
Plastic sheeting
Temporary vegetative




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